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Top 8 Items To Have In Your Closet This Season


This season is all about comfort and versatility and includes items that you can mix and match to create a variety of different looks on a daily basis.  You don't have to stick to the basic matte blacks or plain whites to have clothes that will go together. Multi-colour items go well with a wide variety of colours or blend them with your neutrals for a new look.

Comfort is in, that means joggers, comfort fit tops and jackets, sweaters and Tees.  You no longer need to wear skinny jeans to be on top of the latest street wear trends for 2019. One item you must have is a good quality sweater to wear in case the weather turns chilly. You could even look at a windbreaker for the days that are cool and windy! So what are the top 10 items you need to have in your street wear closet this season?

1 Casual joggers: Comfort fit joggers in colours such as black, white or camo are perfect for this more relaxed season.

2 Comfit fit sweater: Zipper fastening or pullover style sweaters are a requirement for this season. Choose items that are comfortable, loose fit and can be worn with a variety of items.

3 Windbreaker: Those colder days may need something a little warmer, so look at a unique windbreaker that you can wear layers under to keep warm, with an outer design that shows your individual style.

4 Cargo Pants: These may seem like a retro item but they have made a come back and are all the rage this season. Add a pair of neutral or camo cargo pants to your wardrobe to be assured of being in fashion when you step out on the street.

5 Cap or Snapback: While these never really went out of style, the latest designs are now available that will ensure that your street wear look is put together to impress.

6 Long sleeve shirt: Long sleeves help keep you warm and can be worn on their own or as layers under other items. This is a must have in your collection this season.

7 Interesting socks: Socks are more than an accessory or used to keep your feet warm. Buy some signature socks to wear with your outfits for that extra bit of unique style.

8 The basic hoodie: Hoodies are versatile and can be worn with many different outfits as a fashion statement or simply to keep you warm. Comfort fit, cropped hoodies or a more form fitting look is up to you. This is one item that never goes out of fashion, so buy good quality.

These items will ensure that you always have something to wear and will still stand out with your on-point street wear style this season!

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It’s considered a fashion item as well as protective item against the elements, but what is the history of the trusty baseball cap? Let’s find out!

History of Baseball Caps



The first baseball caps were worn in the 1860s by the Brooklyn Excelsiors. This was an amateur baseball team that was founded 6 years earlier. The baseball cap they wore became known as the “Brooklyn-style” baseball cap. It became popular in the mainstream around the turn of the century. The modern baseball cap came about in the 1940s. The brim was stiffened with a latex rubber and the hat had more structure, overall. From the 1970s onwards, baseball caps stopped being sold in hat size measurements and became available in a one-size adjustable cap.

 Types of Baseball Caps

Types Of Baseball Caps


Nowadays, there are many different types and styles of baseball cap. Obviously, they’re still used for baseball, but they are also used for the sole purpose of fashion too. Let’s have a look at the 4 most popular types of baseball cap:


Adjustable hat – this is an unstructured hat with a low profile. It is adjustable and has a curved brim. It is adjustable with Velcro.

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Yayukata has some really funny fashion-statement caps. These are reminiscent of logos that we all know but with a humorous twist. This WTF cap makes a bold statement but is also a quirky and funny take on a well-known logo. Similarly, this “Fed Up” had will surely get your friends talking and joking with you! Finally this “dat way” makes fun of a well-known sandwich chain!

Why Every Wardrobe Needs A Windbreaker




What is a windbreaker?


The clue is in the name! A windbreaker essentially protects you from the wind. They’re also more than that though. Most windbreakers protect you from light showers whilst others are capable of being even more waterproof. They are great because they are lightweight and suitable for the warmer months when you just need minimal protection.  Windbreaker jackets are often made from a shell material, which helps them stay lightweight. They usually have 2 layers, an outer windproof layer and a softer inner layer. You might hear a windbreaker jacket being referred to as a windcheater or windproof.



Why do I need a windbreaker?


For those days when the wind is up and there’s a spot of rain, a windbreaker is a great item to have. They’re light enough to carry around over your arm should you get too hot but warm enough to protect you when it’s a little chilly out. When it’s one of those days when you can’t decide what type of coat you need, a windbreaker is usually the answer. They’re not designed to offer warmth so you won’t want to wear a windbreaker in the middle of winter. Instead, they work by preventing the cold air from the wind from cooling you down.

 what style of windbreaker should i choose

What style of windbreaker should I choose?


There are many styles of windbreaker to choose from. Yayukata has some great ones in their collection. Some have half zips like this vintage-style windbreaker. Others have full zips like the FN4 Navy Blue windbreaker. If you’re wanting a hood, this Sprint half zipper has that option and it’s also really cool with its vintage-style colors and design. They also have a reflective windbreaker that comes in pink, purple, and blue for anyone who is out and about at dusk or in the dark and wants to be seen!

Hoodies: A current fashion trend that is actually quite old!

You might think that hoodies are the epitome of fashion, comfort, and warmth in the 21st century. You won’t be wrong but, did you know just how old this fashion item is?

Hood History

Hood history

Hoods themselves are centuries old, they’re a great invention! In fact, there are traces back to medieval times in Europe. Monks wore hooded capes but so did outdoor workers. Hoods go as far back as the 12th century!


Hooded Sweatshirt

The hooded sweatshirt or “hoodie”

In the1930s, hooded sweatshirts became a sort of uniform for workers in cold factories in the U.S. It wasn’t until the 1970s that we saw the first fashion “hoodie”. It’s not often that an item stays in fashion for as long as this! Imagine wearing other 70s fashion items right now? Hoodies were a big part of the growing hip hop culture that took off in New York during the 1970s. The film Rocky was also seen as a catalyst for this garment’s rise in popularity too. There may have been hoodies in the 1970s but the name itself wasn’t popular until the 1990s.

Big Fashion House Hoodies

Big fashion house hoodies

The 1990s saw the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani launch hoodies into their repertoire. The hoodie has, therefore, remained a key item for people’s wardrobes across most age groups ever since.

Hoodies Today

Hoodies today

Hoodies are so popular because they’re so versatile. They offer warmth on cool days, protection from light showers, and they’re fashionable. Yayukata have hoodies that retain that 90s hip-hop feel. The YAYUKATA LM1 hoodie is a wonderfully bright hoodie that is perfect for a cool summer’s day or to add brightness to a grey winter day.  If you want something more monochrome, the YAYUKATA Ukiyo Wave has monochrome tones with a splash of red.  Finally, if you’re still loving Rocky, this YAYUKATA hoodie is a grey reminiscent of this iconic film!

5 Style Trends We Picked Up From The Street Fashion


Japanese fashion has been taking over the Western scene for years, purveying plenty of streetwear trends and designs. And when we talk of modern Japanese dressing, the elaborate stylings on the streets of Harajuku come to mind with its array of quirky individualism. Today, it’s no longer just about whimsical clothes in Tokyo. The city unquestionably has its own cool notch with smooth troupes that give real European cities a run for their money. Obviously, their style still seems to be valid to Japanese sensibilities with their particular adventurous flair. Fashion girls from each locale are patching up great closet staples to liven up gatherings that will motivate all of us to step up our street style game.


Below are five street fashion trends we love.



1. Oversized Outerwear 


The maximalist aesthetic is still dominating the streets of Tokyo. Punch up exaggerated layers of oversized outerwear with a pair of leather boots or fishnets. Besides the casual oversized jacket which might be too warm for sunny days, it's recommended to stick to windbreakers or oversized Hoodies to stand out of the crowd this summer. 


2. Pops Of Color


A moderate style has ended up being a look that is both chic and relaxed; however, blending in sprinkles of intense hues (regardless of whether it's a vivid pink or a couple of red heels) will add more spirit to your troupe.


3. Playing With Proportions


This trend focuses more on silhouettes as opposed to the size of the garments/clothes. Opt to experiment with asymmetry with unexpected textures and cohesive hues to create a look that’s easy on the eyes, but still absolutely edgy.


4. Textured Jumpsuits


Head-to-toe denim can either be a statement look or a fashion faux pas (remember Britney and Justin’s red carpet look in the ’00s?). Instead, a proper denim jumpsuit can effortlessly be re-created with a pair of wide-leg dungarees and a matching jean jacket. Style the textured look with black platform leather brogues and a dark-colored mini satchel for a laid-back look.


5. Deconstruction


Embrace a progressively trial side to styling through reclassifying cuts and outlines. An altogether cleaned look isn't generally the most ideal approach; gazing a little roughed upward and undone adds a grungy panache to any look.


How to Wear Oversized Clothes

As an eternal style, the oversized design has forever been accepted in the fashion world and now it achieves more recognition among trendsetters and fashion fanatics. It's held that oversize style originates from the hip-hop culture of the 1960s: the loose top, peaked cap, exaggerating necklace and the fashion baggy trousers created a distinctive and personalized culture, influencing a generation after generation. These days, oversize clothes take on different fashion elements, slowly becoming the must-have items in our attire. Here are some tips on how to wear oversized clothes.


Oversized Blouses

To be honest, the oversized shirt is our personal favorite since it's comfy and easy matching. It can be the top and also be the dress. It can match with skirts, shorts, pants, even stockings. However, the majority of all, this BF style can without much of a stretch feature the attractive appeal and includes numerous woman flavors.


Oversized Blouse & Baggy Trousers

In recent years, this combination is always seen in different street photographs. And it girls even thoroughly handle this style with ease. Put the oversize shirt in the jeans can emphasize your leg length; else, it can feature your body silhouette.


Oversized T-shirts 

As a versatile fashion item, the oversized t-shirt for women has many wearing methods. Each method has its own characteristics. Together with different items, it can be the casual style, hip-hop style, street style, etc. The loose- tailoring lengthen the leg line of women, which causes a visual difference and make us look thinner. The same can be said for guys too, wearing an oversized t-shirt will make you look thinner and goes really well with all kinds of pants and shorts.


Oversize T-shirt + Skirts/ Shorts 

Actually, I have not much to say since this style is the best combination for each girl and woman. Plus, it is surprisingly convenient and would never go wrong. Together with various things, it very well may be the easygoing style, hip-jump style, street style, and so forth. All of these items undoubtedly accentuating our leg lengths and make us look more slender. For guys this look is killing it on really warm days. Pair your favorite Tee with one of your shorts and you're all set. Black and white combinations are really in in this season for both men and women!


Oversize T-shirt & Long Pants 

An oversize copped top or tie-up top, matching with the slim-fit long pants, can easily show our thin waists and lift the waistline, which are popular options for girls. For guys the oversize Tee and slim pants - look is an all time classic which definitely is in trend this season.

5 Retro Items you must have


We all know that fashions tend to come back in to style every few decades and some items of clothing never go out of fashion.  Some of the retro trends to come back in to style is the punk rock look as well as camo clothing and grandpa sweaters.  Here are a few retro items that are a must-have for your closet this season.

1 Clothing with logos: This is an 80s which has seen a comeback this season.  Look for comfortable Tees and hoodies with logos for an authentic retro look in 2019.

2 Comfort sweaters: Wool or high quality acrylic blend pullover sweaters (or grandpa sweaters) have made a big comeback this season and also have the added benefit of keeping you warm.

3 Caps and snapbacks: Add in 2 or 3 caps or snapbacks to your retro wardrobe this season. While they never really go out of style, they are perfect to round off a traditional 80s look.

4 Camouflage prints: Pants or jackets with camo print are back in style this season. Mix and match your outfits to include a camo hoodie or cargo pants to really enjoy the retro look this year. A sweater paired with cargo pants is a perfect retro look for 2019.

5 Extra-large fit jackets: Just when you thought that layers would never come back, you can add in extra-large fit jackets to your wardrobe this season, allowing you to wear layers underneath to keep toasty and warm in the cooler months.

Retro items can be worn with other items from the latest fashions so that they appear new and unique or wear some vintage items and pair with your retro clothes for a more authentic throw-back look. Choose high quality, durable items that you can mix and match for every day casual street wear and show that you are on the cutting edge of what is in fashion this season.

street wear and show that you are on the cutting edge of what is in fashion this season.