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Streetwear Socks

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YAYUKATA Socks BLACK LG4 Rainbow Harajuku Socks
LG4 Rainbow Harajuku Socks
YAYUKATA Socks WN2 Streetwear Socks
WN2 Streetwear Socks
YAYUKATA Socks WHITE / 36-42 BQ5 "Shikaku" Sneaker Socks
BQ5 "Shikaku" Sneaker Socks
€11.99 €9.45
YAYUKATA Socks WHITE KD4 "Chūshō" Street Socks
KD4 "Chūshō" Street Socks
YAYUKATA Socks YELLOW GV2 "Taiyō" Casual Socks
GV2 "Taiyō" Casual Socks
YAYUKATA Socks BLACK CB2 Streetwear Socks
CB2 Streetwear Socks
YAYUKATA Socks VW1 Abstract Streetwear Socks
VW1 Abstract Streetwear Socks
YAYUKATA Socks BW2 "Skull" Socks
BW2 "Skull" Socks
YAYUKATA Socks VB3 Harajuku Streetwear Socks
VB3 Harajuku Streetwear Socks
€9.99 €6.99
YAYUKATA Socks BN4 Casual Sneaker Socks
BN4 Casual Sneaker Socks
€11.99 €9.45
YAYUKATA Socks ZU2 "NEON FLAME" Harajuku Socks
ZU2 "NEON FLAME" Harajuku Socks
QY2 SUPERDARK Cotton Socks
€9.99 €7.99

Street Fashion Socks

Draw some serious attention to your sneaker game by pairing them with some of these stylish streetwear socks. In our Street Fashion Socks Collection you'll find all types of different designs and styles right from the streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong. 


Why are socks an important accessory? 

When it comes to Asian streetwear we often see some really beautiful and unique or even expensive shoes. How can we get more looks on those? Right! By wearing a matching pair of socks with them, this will bring up way more attention to our shoes than if we would just wear black/white.


Finding the matching pair of socks

When looking for the perfect pair of streetwear socks, it is important to keep in mind the colors of your pants and shoes. If you want a complementing look, search for a pair that matches the colors of your pants the best. If you're looking to draw some attention to your sneakers, choose colors that are popping and not used on the rest of your outfit.