About Us

Established at the start of 2018, YAYUKATA is rapidly establishing itself as an iconic name in Japanese street fashion. The brand is synonymous with Indy and underground clothing styles and designs made from high quality materials to provide an eclectic blend of street design and mainstream fashion trends. We aim to provide outstanding, friendly customer service while establishing a street smart product and reliable distribution platform.

Jackets - Japanese Street Fashion AT YAYUKATA
We are currently focused on products such as hoodies, jackets, pants, joggers, shirts and Tees and various accessories with room for growth in the future. Originally designed specifically for the Japanese market, our brand as well as other labels in our distribution network have found themselves being incorporated into fashionable street wear internationally.


The excellent quality, arty designs and sheer functionality of our products have seen them being purchased by those in the know globally. While not being overly retro, we do incorporate elements of the traditional combined with the latest designs and styles.


Our goal is to provide the fashion that young people (as well as those that are young at heart) want to wear. The designs are based on current street designs and trends for the fashion conscious. YAYUKATA is all about self-expression and youth culture and uses designs that are not found on the shelf at the local clothing stores. We believe in quality, service and your satisfaction.


Our products are versatile, durable and comfortable and designed with functionality as well as epic creative designs at the core. Take a look at some of our edgy designs at affordable prices to keep you on top of the latest street fashions. Shop our store for the latest YAYUKATA designs as well as many other independent or underground clothing brands. We offer top notch customer service and worldwide tracked shipping with a generous returns policy.