COVID-19 – Is Online Shopping Still Safe?

What YAYUKATA does to protect its customers and employees 


As nothing in this world is more valuable than health, we at YAYUKATA are following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of both our employees and customers.


  • Every one of our employees is undergoing a health check each day before work begins.

  • All of our clothing is stored in airtight plastic bags and even the bag is never touched with bare hands

  • All employees are wearing breathing masks and latex gloves


Is it possible to get infected by COVID-19 when I receive a parcel?

The virus can live on Surfaces for up to 72 hours, which is less than our average international delivery time. It therefore is highly unlikely to transmit the virus over the postal way. 


Is online shopping in general still safe?

During this time, daily social interaction should be kept at minimum to avoid infection and spread of the disease. While shopping at a local store may be unavoidable at some point (food, meds). We suggest staying safe at home and buy those things online that can be bought online, as it will minimize the risk of exposure to the virus.


Are the current international pandemic prevention measurements having an impact on the delivery speed?

We confirm that in some cases for orders to countries on lock-down like Italy for example, the delivery time may be extended by 1 to up to 2 weeks.



All information displayed is up-to-date latest edit: March 2020


If you’d like to know more about how YAYUKATA helps fighting COVID-19, feel free to reach out to us under at any time.

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