Why The Baseball Cap Became A Fashion Item


It’s considered a fashion item as well as protective item against the elements, but what is the history of the trusty baseball cap? Let’s find out!

History of Baseball Caps



The first baseball caps were worn in the 1860s by the Brooklyn Excelsiors. This was an amateur baseball team that was founded 6 years earlier. The baseball cap they wore became known as the “Brooklyn-style” baseball cap. It became popular in the mainstream around the turn of the century. The modern baseball cap came about in the 1940s. The brim was stiffened with a latex rubber and the hat had more structure, overall. From the 1970s onwards, baseball caps stopped being sold in hat size measurements and became available in a one-size adjustable cap.

 Types of Baseball Caps

Types Of Baseball Caps


Nowadays, there are many different types and styles of baseball cap. Obviously, they’re still used for baseball, but they are also used for the sole purpose of fashion too. Let’s have a look at the 4 most popular types of baseball cap:


Adjustable hat – this is an unstructured hat with a low profile. It is adjustable and has a curved brim. It is adjustable with Velcro.

Fitted hat – this can have either a flat or curved brim. It is a high-profile and structured hat. You can’t adjust this hat.
Flexifit hat – this can have either a flat or curved brim. It is a high-profile and structured hat. It is adjustable with elastics.
Snapback hat – this has a high profile and a flat brim. It is adjustable with a snap closure.


 Fashion Caps

Fashion Caps


Yayukata has some really funny fashion-statement caps. These are reminiscent of logos that we all know but with a humorous twist. This WTF cap makes a bold statement but is also a quirky and funny take on a well-known logo. Similarly, this “Fed Up” had will surely get your friends talking and joking with you! Finally this “dat way” makes fun of a well-known sandwich chain!

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