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How to Stay Fresh and Relevant with your Streetwear

Keeping things crispy takes effort. We know that if you’re reading this, you’re not someone who cares to dress like everyone else, you want to do things your own way. So do we, that’s why Yayukata exists. You’ve come to us to find the freshest streetwear and you will not be disappointed.

But how do you keep it fresh on a day to day basis?

The first thing to do is pay attention. You won’t see much (legit) streetwear on TV or even on the street in many places. So you have to keep your eyes open and sharp. YouTube is one of the best places to find the latest designs and threads from “influencers” and brands, but it can be tough trying to filter out the bullsh*t. What is an advert and what is a genuine opinion?

True street style comes from the streets. It comes from looking at what other people are wearing and asking yourself, “what could I do with that?”. Someone struts past in a crisp pair of pants and an unusual shirt, you have to say to yourself “would that look fresh if I wore it with X?”.

Learning how to keep it fresh takes practice and some effort. Once you’ve spied something fresh, it’s up to you to turn it into something you can incorporate into your own look. That means scouring the web for that specific thing or looking for something similar.

Happily, you have Yayukata on your side. We have to keep it fresh and relevant, that’s our job.  It’s more than a job though, it’s more like a way of life. And that’s the attitude you have to have to keep it truly fresh and crispy in your street style. When you come to our store, you are in the perfect place to discover and evolve your own style while keeping it easy.

The basic rule for keeping thing fresh and relevant is to keep changing. Mix up your look, try out all the different combinations you can, and always be looking for that new thing, whatever it is.

Keep it fresh, folks.

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How to Find your Own Style with Yaukata


Finding your own style is a life-long process. As you change, so does your sense of style. Everyone has their own style but not everyone knows it, so it sometimes needs some encouragement to come out and shine.

Our team at Yayukata love to help people discover their own style. Watching someone go from off the shelf, unoriginal clothes to their own choice of incredible threads is very satisfying. With this in mind, we designed our collection so anyone can come along and get an entire new look in one go. Everything should fit together so you can have the confidence to pick anything you like and know it will look fantastic.

Discovering your own style is an amazing process. You learn to rely less on your head and more on your heart. Thinking about the price, about what you wanted before you started shopping, or what someone else suggested drowns out the signals you get from your body, which are usually getting it right. When you see something and without thinking about it, you like it, you’ve discovered something that is in your style.

It’s that “gut feeling” that we listen to. Your brain does all its work in the background, so if you get that feeling that that particular hoodie is the one for you, but you can’t figure out why, it’s just a different way for your brain to tell you it’s the one to get. It’s easy to get bogged down in thinking, so we say: go for it.

Have you ever spent an age picking the right piece of clothing, only for it to be the wrong one? It’s that process that gets in the way of discovering your own style. And that’s what it’s all about: your own style. There is no point in looking like someone else, they are someone else!

Streetwear is about individuality and self-expression. It’s about not following the herd. With Yayukata’s collection, you can feel confident in expressing yourself with the clothes and accessories you really like, not what everyone else wears.

Top 8 Items To Have In Your Closet This Season


This season is all about comfort and versatility and includes items that you can mix and match to create a variety of different looks on a daily basis.  You don't have to stick to the basic matte blacks or plain whites to have clothes that will go together. Multi-colour items go well with a wide variety of colours or blend them with your neutrals for a new look.

Comfort is in, that means joggers, comfort fit tops and jackets, sweaters and Tees.  You no longer need to wear skinny jeans to be on top of the latest street wear trends for 2019. One item you must have is a good quality sweater to wear in case the weather turns chilly. You could even look at a windbreaker for the days that are cool and windy! So what are the top 10 items you need to have in your street wear closet this season?

1 Casual joggers: Comfort fit joggers in colours such as black, white or camo are perfect for this more relaxed season.

2 Comfit fit sweater: Zipper fastening or pullover style sweaters are a requirement for this season. Choose items that are comfortable, loose fit and can be worn with a variety of items.

3 Windbreaker: Those colder days may need something a little warmer, so look at a unique windbreaker that you can wear layers under to keep warm, with an outer design that shows your individual style.

4 Cargo Pants: These may seem like a retro item but they have made a come back and are all the rage this season. Add a pair of neutral or camo cargo pants to your wardrobe to be assured of being in fashion when you step out on the street.

5 Cap or Snapback: While these never really went out of style, the latest designs are now available that will ensure that your street wear look is put together to impress.

6 Long sleeve shirt: Long sleeves help keep you warm and can be worn on their own or as layers under other items. This is a must have in your collection this season.

7 Interesting socks: Socks are more than an accessory or used to keep your feet warm. Buy some signature socks to wear with your outfits for that extra bit of unique style.

8 The basic hoodie: Hoodies are versatile and can be worn with many different outfits as a fashion statement or simply to keep you warm. Comfort fit, cropped hoodies or a more form fitting look is up to you. This is one item that never goes out of fashion, so buy good quality.

These items will ensure that you always have something to wear and will still stand out with your on-point street wear style this season!

How To Wear Everything


We spent a lot of time putting our collection together for you. We know it’s difficult to find exactly the right clothes to wear and then it’s even more difficult to get an individual “look” that reflects your personality and attitude. With our collection, you can choose anything you like and it will almost certainly match with our other items. That means you can get a whole new look just here at Yayukata.

Streetwear is about being an individual. It’s about bucking the trend and keeping it fresh and crisp when everyone else has gone beige and started wearing corduroys. You’re too much yourself to obey, so you show it with your epic urban style. We dig it, we’re just the same.

When you’re making your choices on our site, we recommend you look for an entire outfit unless you know exactly what you want. For example, you could try a crop top or one of our hoodies with some epic pants, and a hat. When you see them together, it is much easier to tell if they are going to go together or not.

Now, you might need a bit of imagination. There’s no problem with standing in front of the mirror and imagining how your fresh new Yayukata threads are going to look. Imagine putting on the clothes one by one, then give it a twirl. Do the colours clash? Are there lines going different directions? Has it got a consistent style that you will feel confident with?

Of course, before you actually get the clothes, it’s hard to tell exactly. Another tip is to lay out the clothes you already wear on the bed and take away one item, replacing it with that awesome jacket or whatever you saw on our site. Will it work?

We deliberately curate our selection so you can buy basically anything and it will match with anything else. That’s the benefit of Yayukata, we have agonized for hours over our choices so you don’t have to. So feel free to explore. If you need some help, email us and we’ll do our best to find the freshest item for your new style.

Our last bit of advice: pick the one your gut tells you to buy, not your head. You know the one that stands out immediately, it’s probably the one you’ll enjoy the most. Forget price and all that, go with your instinct. This is streetwear, it’s instinctual.