Hoodies: A current fashion trend that is actually quite old!

You might think that hoodies are the epitome of fashion, comfort, and warmth in the 21st century. You won’t be wrong but, did you know just how old this fashion item is?

Hood History

Hood history

Hoods themselves are centuries old, they’re a great invention! In fact, there are traces back to medieval times in Europe. Monks wore hooded capes but so did outdoor workers. Hoods go as far back as the 12th century!


Hooded Sweatshirt

The hooded sweatshirt or “hoodie”

In the1930s, hooded sweatshirts became a sort of uniform for workers in cold factories in the U.S. It wasn’t until the 1970s that we saw the first fashion “hoodie”. It’s not often that an item stays in fashion for as long as this! Imagine wearing other 70s fashion items right now? Hoodies were a big part of the growing hip hop culture that took off in New York during the 1970s. The film Rocky was also seen as a catalyst for this garment’s rise in popularity too. There may have been hoodies in the 1970s but the name itself wasn’t popular until the 1990s.

Big Fashion House Hoodies

Big fashion house hoodies

The 1990s saw the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani launch hoodies into their repertoire. The hoodie has, therefore, remained a key item for people’s wardrobes across most age groups ever since.

Hoodies Today

Hoodies today

Hoodies are so popular because they’re so versatile. They offer warmth on cool days, protection from light showers, and they’re fashionable. Yayukata have hoodies that retain that 90s hip-hop feel. The YAYUKATA LM1 hoodie is a wonderfully bright hoodie that is perfect for a cool summer’s day or to add brightness to a grey winter day.  If you want something more monochrome, the YAYUKATA Ukiyo Wave has monochrome tones with a splash of red.  Finally, if you’re still loving Rocky, this YAYUKATA hoodie is a grey reminiscent of this iconic film!

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