Socks: A practical item or an often-forgotten fashion item?


I’ve never seen a hot debate about socks before but whenever I’ve noticed people wearing socks, I have realized that they often fall into three camps. Firstly, there’s the person who sees socks as a way of keeping feet warm and footwear comfy. This person might not even wear socks that match! The second type is someone who makes an effort to choose nice socks that perhaps maybe even match an outfit in color or style. The third type chooses socks as a fashion item.

socks serving a function

Socks serving a function

All socks need to be comfy but they also serve a function. Socks help to soak up perspiration. Feet actually produce as much as a quarter of a pint of sweat every day! Having comfortable and absorbent socks is a must for most people! As well as being functional, however, you can have fun with your socks.


Socks as a fashion item

Socks as a fashion item

Aside from being functional, many people choose socks for fashion reasons. Whether that’s a simple and subtle mention of a designer or just to give your look the edge. Bold colors can make an impression on others or could just offset a boring suit.


socks as a statement

Socks as a statement

For some people, socks are a great way of making a statement that isn’t as obvious as putting a message on the front of a t-shirt. Yayukata have some great statement socks! These violence socks are really eye-catching! You need to make sure you get them on the right feet though! If you want something more obvious, these urban streetwear socks will certainly leave mouths open! I love how they’re so simple yet so in-your-face with their message. Less controversial, however, are Yayukata’s "NEON FLAME" socks. Imagine wearing these with a pair of plain shorts!

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