Why Every Wardrobe Needs A Windbreaker




What is a windbreaker?


The clue is in the name! A windbreaker essentially protects you from the wind. They’re also more than that though. Most windbreakers protect you from light showers whilst others are capable of being even more waterproof. They are great because they are lightweight and suitable for the warmer months when you just need minimal protection.  Windbreaker jackets are often made from a shell material, which helps them stay lightweight. They usually have 2 layers, an outer windproof layer and a softer inner layer. You might hear a windbreaker jacket being referred to as a windcheater or windproof.



Why do I need a windbreaker?


For those days when the wind is up and there’s a spot of rain, a windbreaker is a great item to have. They’re light enough to carry around over your arm should you get too hot but warm enough to protect you when it’s a little chilly out. When it’s one of those days when you can’t decide what type of coat you need, a windbreaker is usually the answer. They’re not designed to offer warmth so you won’t want to wear a windbreaker in the middle of winter. Instead, they work by preventing the cold air from the wind from cooling you down.

 what style of windbreaker should i choose

What style of windbreaker should I choose?


There are many styles of windbreaker to choose from. Yayukata has some great ones in their collection. Some have half zips like this vintage-style windbreaker. Others have full zips like the FN4 Navy Blue windbreaker. If you’re wanting a hood, this Sprint half zipper has that option and it’s also really cool with its vintage-style colors and design. They also have a reflective windbreaker that comes in pink, purple, and blue for anyone who is out and about at dusk or in the dark and wants to be seen!

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