5 Retro Items you must have


We all know that fashions tend to come back in to style every few decades and some items of clothing never go out of fashion.  Some of the retro trends to come back in to style is the punk rock look as well as camo clothing and grandpa sweaters.  Here are a few retro items that are a must-have for your closet this season.

1 Clothing with logos: This is an 80s which has seen a comeback this season.  Look for comfortable Tees and hoodies with logos for an authentic retro look in 2019.

2 Comfort sweaters: Wool or high quality acrylic blend pullover sweaters (or grandpa sweaters) have made a big comeback this season and also have the added benefit of keeping you warm.

3 Caps and snapbacks: Add in 2 or 3 caps or snapbacks to your retro wardrobe this season. While they never really go out of style, they are perfect to round off a traditional 80s look.

4 Camouflage prints: Pants or jackets with camo print are back in style this season. Mix and match your outfits to include a camo hoodie or cargo pants to really enjoy the retro look this year. A sweater paired with cargo pants is a perfect retro look for 2019.

5 Extra-large fit jackets: Just when you thought that layers would never come back, you can add in extra-large fit jackets to your wardrobe this season, allowing you to wear layers underneath to keep toasty and warm in the cooler months.

Retro items can be worn with other items from the latest fashions so that they appear new and unique or wear some vintage items and pair with your retro clothes for a more authentic throw-back look. Choose high quality, durable items that you can mix and match for every day casual street wear and show that you are on the cutting edge of what is in fashion this season.

street wear and show that you are on the cutting edge of what is in fashion this season.

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