3 Tips on wearing a Kimono

Since we hardly ever have the right ocassions to dress up extravagantly i want to share a couple ways to casually wear a kimono.

 1. Emphasize your Shape

Any kimono is easy to combine with almost everything. Nevertheless, you should still consider the design of that very piece you choose and treat it with the dignity it deserves. 

So be mindful and consider your own bodyshape. Whilst tying a scarf or belt around your waist can look very good on a curvy girl the linear design easily underlines the dramatique appearence of a slim and petite person, when worn open. Following this basic rule ensures the Kilomo will always outstand in the best way possible.

 2. Feel the Summer

In case you get a hold of a long summer Kimono you should always combine it with short chlothes made of heavier fabric than the Kimono itself.

Jeans shorts and Cotton tops in matching colors go especially well with this kind of Kimono.

If you are planning to go for a swim i can only recommend taking your Kimono as an elegant and quick cover up for your bathing suit. The light fabric almost guaranteas a stunning apearence at any beach or pool.

 3. Don´t overthink

Since a Kimono gives off a feeling of calmness and harmony you shouldn´t try too hard on finding the perfect match. The right pieces might be closer than you think, just take a look into your wardrobe !

If you are new to the Style a Kimono top might be a good start to get intoduced to the subject.

Short Kimono tops are my favourit when it comes to the link between traditional elegance and casual modern wear. (Like: Fish Summer, Casual Summer, Japanese Summer Kimono). You can wear them during any time of the year and combine them with plain short and Casual Long Sleeve Shirt, since the Kimonosleeves are usually halv long. When it comes to throusers eiher long or very short one-colour legwear is the best choice. 

Just make sure to not wear any patterns that could distract from the design of your Kimono and you are off to a good day with a good look.


I bet you already have all the things you need at home. Let me know about your ways of including different types of  kimono, Casual Summer Kimono, Koi Fish Summer Kimono, Japanese Summer Kimono etc., in your everyday wear !

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