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Keep it fresh. Keep it relevant. Get that look. Show it off. Enjoy it. And never bow your head to any master. This is street style.

Street fashion is not haute couture. It is not what some emaciated model strutted down a catwalk at a Paris show (although they do try, it’s never genuine). Street style is your individuality and passion, it can’t be put into a glass box and admired, it needs to be free to be real. And that’s what it’s all about: keeping it real.

So where do you buy women’s street wear online? Where are the latest threads and ideas brought together so you can pick stuff you love and make it your own?

Right here. Buy women’s street wear online right here at Yayukata. We bring you the freshest Japanese street wear (like- Casual Streetwear Cargo Shorts, Alien Printed Streetwear Tee) which is the freshest street wear in the world, or didn’t you know? The USA gave Japan street style and the Japanese took it and made it their own. Now you can enjoy the incredible results in the easiest way: by browsing our extensive and carefully curated collection of the latest in Japanese street fashion.

Originality is so important. Unless you’re skilled (or bored) enough to make your own kit, you’re going to have to buy your clothes from somewhere. The problem is, when you buy from some high street shop, you run the risk of looking just like everyone else. A fate worse than death for a true urban stylist. We bring salvation in the form of unique and tasty threads from Japanese and international designers.

Are you looking for a change? Something to mix it up and keep your homies jealous? Sample our collection and keep your admirers on their toes with your refreshing originality.

Maybe you know what you love. If that is the case, we are pleased. Take a look at some of the styles you can enjoy right here:

  1. Gothic Lolita
  2. Sweet lolita
  3. Gyaru
  4. Ganguro
  5. Kogal
  6. Bosozoku
  7. Kuroi niji

We have a huge range of the latest fashions and the all-time classic summer outfits for women. We’re obsessed with street wear (Casual Streetwear Cargo Shorts, Alien Printed Streetwear Tee) too and we would never sell something we didn’t love. Japan is the most exciting place in streetwear, and to buy women’s streetwear online at Yayukata is the easiest way to get a piece of the action!

    YAYUKATA Socks BLACK / One Size MU4 Lightning Printed Cotton Socks
    MU4 Lightning Printed Cotton Socks
    YAYUKATA Tees Blue / XL AP0 "好きです" Harajuku Tee
    AP0 "好きです" Harajuku Tee
    YAYUKATA Sweaters Blue / S MC1 Knitted Harajuku Duck Sweater
    MC1 Knitted Harajuku Duck Sweater
    YAYUKATA Hoodies Black / S YY6 Japanese Print Unisex Hoodie
    YY6 Japanese Print Unisex Hoodie
    €68.50 +
    YAYUKATA Tops MU3 Backless Jeans Top
    MU3 Backless Jeans Top
    YAYUKATA Caps & Hats WHITE / One Size MK8 Graffiti Printed Base Cap
    MK8 Graffiti Printed Base Cap