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Autumn Winter Collection 2019

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YAYUKATA Tees GT4 Casual Harajuku Short Sleeve
GT4 Casual Harajuku Short Sleeve
€44.99 €42.99
YAYUKATA Tees White / XL GT3 Casual Harajuku Short Sleeve
GT3 Casual Harajuku Short Sleeve
YAYUKATA Tees Blue / S GT2 Casual Harajuku Hooded Short Sleeve
GT2 Casual Harajuku Hooded Short Sleeve
YAYUKATA Hoodies BLACK / XL VQ8 Printed Streetwear Hoodie
VQ8 Printed Streetwear Hoodie
€64.99 €48.99
YAYUKATA Hoodies BLACK / M PX4 "Jellyfish" Harajuku Streetwear Hoodie
PX4 "Jellyfish" Harajuku Streetwear Hoodie
YAYUKATA Hoodies BLACK / S YQ5 Casual Embroidered Hoodie
YQ5 Casual Embroidered Hoodie
€64.99 €45.99
YAYUKATA Hoodies BLACK / M QC3 "Shikaku" Embroidered Harajuku Hoodie
QC3 "Shikaku" Embroidered Harajuku Hoodie
YAYUKATA Hoodies M UT4 Casual Vintage Hoodie
UT4 Casual Vintage Hoodie
YAYUKATA Hoodies BLACK / L UT2 Casual Cyber Punk Hoodie
UT2 Casual Cyber Punk Hoodie
YAYUKATA Sweaters BLACK / L PF8 Casual Punk Rock Sweater
PF8 Casual Punk Rock Sweater
YAYUKATA Hoodies XL VA5 Destroyed Harajuku Hoodie
VA5 Destroyed Harajuku Hoodie

YAYUKATA AW Collection 2019


Shop the latest designs in Japanese street fashion. The AW19 collection features a ton of exclusive items ranging from casual hoodies to pants and jackets.


All pieces in this collection are available in limited quantities.

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